91 Supreme Shatter


91 Supreme Shatter

Shatter is that stable and glasslike concentrate that has gained great popularity within the cannabis lifestyle today. 91 Supreme purges their bho nug-ran shatter for over 105 Hours, while flipping the slabs multiple times. They pride ourselves on their transparent, stable, golden, and flavour-filled shatters.



91 Supreme Shatter

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Arnold Schwarzenegger (Indica), Chocolate Ganache (Indica), Nighcrawler (Indica), Plushberry (Indica), Lime in the Coconut (Hybrid), Mona Lisa (Indica), Strawberry Jelly (Hybrid), Country Time (Sativa), Fanta (Sativa), Mozart (Sativa), Ode to Joy (Hybrid), Pandora's Box (Sativa), Red Mango (Sativa), Trinity (Sativa), Kosher Kush(Indica), El Jefe(Indica), White Russian(Hybrid), Cherry Pie (Hybrid), Blue Dream (Hybrid), Jack the Ripper (Sativa), Pink Sunset (Indica), NYPD (Sativa), Sour Haze (Sativa), Hindu Kush (Indica), Space Queen (Hybrid), Lemon Kush (Hybrid), Blue Cheese (Indica)

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  1. Rixzzy78

    try the trinity shatter. its nice and mellow and but hits you in the face when you rip a fat bowl LOL.

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