Blackberry Platinum Kush


Blackberry Platinum Kush

Enjoy pure couch-lock euphoria with Blackberry Platinum Kush. A cross between Blackberry and Platinum OG, this high-THC strain promises to pull its user into a lifted sedation that’ll flow through both the mind and body.

Effect: Relaxed, Sleepy, Euphoric, Happy

Good For: Pain Management, Stress Relief, Insomnia, Mood Elevation, Appetite Stimulation

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This item: Blackberry Platinum Kush

Flower Profile

Strain: Indica

Usage: Night

Flavors: Fruity, Earthy, Pine

Aromas: Berry, Pine

Lineage: Blackberry, OG Platinum

Additional Information

Blackberry Platinum Kush is a high-quality craft strain grown locally in BC. A heavy indica, it provides complete body relaxation, euphoria, and soon-accompanied sleepiness. This high-THC strain is ideal for treating insomnia and pain for nighttime use.