Burmese Berry


Burmese Berry

Burmese Berry will take your mind on a buzzing journey through the high mountains, and leave you floating weightlessly through the clouds as all your worries drop away.

Effects: Happy, Euphoric, Creative, Hungry, Relaxed

Good For: Pain Management, Stress Relief, Mood Elevation, Sleep Aid, Nausea Relief



Flower Profile

Strain: Indica-dominant Hybrid

Usage: Night

Flavors: Sweet, Berry, Earthy

Aromas: Fresh, Sweet, Herbal

Lineage: Blueberry, Burmese

Additional Information

The Jordan of the Island strain they call, “Burmese Berry” is a bold yet fruity Indica dominant hybrid that churns out decent amounts of absolutely gorgeous buds that are frosted in a thick blanket of bright white trichomes that glisten in the light like millions of miniature diamonds. This wonderful Indica heavy hybrid has the shorter size, bushy growth characteristics and insane resin production of her Burmese parent, while her average sized yields of tightly packed and beautifully colored flower clusters come from her Blueberry lineage.  Only some of the “Burmese Berry” phenotypes share her Blueberry parents beautiful array of cool colored leaves, but pretty much all of them share a similar sweet and earthy terpene profile that gives her a nice and full-bodied smoke. Her Indica dominant hybrid high starts off with a bit of a visually stimulating head buzz that’s eventually crept up on by a very relaxing body stone that instantly dissolves all your stress as every last muscle is completely put at ease and all your aches and pains are effortlessly melted away.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Unforgettable taste, amazing bud. Love it!

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