CBD Crystalline


CBD Crystalline

CBD Crystalline is potent – more than 99% pure CBD to be exact. CBD is the second most well-known cannabinoid in cannabis and delivers relaxation and pain relief without any psychoactive effects to impair cognitive functions. CBD Crystalline can be dabbed or orally ingested for maximum benefit.


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Additional Information

Brand: CBDMove

CBD Content: 500mg CBD

Frequency as advised by CBDMove: As a rough guide they recommend starting with a tiny sprinkle, no larger than a grain of rice (about 20-30mg)*.

*Dosing scoop included with order based on availability.

About CBD Move

CBDMove is focused on creating a pure CBD extract to give you an easy, fuss free way to incorporate CBD into your life. Their extraction process removes excess terpenes, residuals, oils, & cannabinoids leaving an odorless, flavorless, fine crystalline powder product.


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