CBD Solvent Free Tincture


CBD Solvent Free Tincture

Organic flowers infused into carrier oils without the use of any solvents. This preserves the naturally occurring terpenes found in buds, producing a unique and versatile MCT/olive oil based tincture that can be eaten or used topically.  Made from organic food-grade hemp buds directly infused into carrier oils.

Dosage: 12 mg CBD per 1ml (1 full dropper)


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Additional Information

Brand: Green Island Naturals

Ingredients: Hemp Flowers, MCT, Olive oil

Volume: 15ml

CBD Content: 180mg CBD

Frequency: Start with 3-5 drops. Increase if needed by 2 drops at a time. Onset of effects typically occur within 15 minutes of dosing.

About Green Island Naturals

Green Island Naturals combines science and knowledge of plant based medicines to build on healing traditions started by our ancestors long ago. Science in the end has brought us back to where we came from, back to our roots.


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