Flyte (Keyy) Refill Cartridge


Flyte (Keyy) Refill Cartridge


Welcome to the result of years spent exploring multiple forms of cannabis oil and vaporizer tanks. Flyte has developed a proprietary technique to distill cannabis oil that removes ALL impurities and co-developed a vape pen design that quickly vaporizes the thickest and most purified oil.

Standard 510 threading, compatible with most reusable vape pens, such as ErbaTip, Flyte, or Toko Gold Pens


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This item: Flyte (Keyy) Refill Cartridge
1 westculture. SMARTPEN
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Flyte Refill Cartridge


Blueberry (Indica), Tangerine (Sativa-Hybrid), Grapefruit Haze (Sativa), Green Crack God (Hybrid), Pineapple (Hybrid), Sour Diesel (Sativa), Mango (Indica), Candy Cane (Hybrid), Cinnamon Hearts (Hybrid), Irish Cream (Hybrid), Peppermint (Hybrid)

24 reviews for Flyte (Keyy) Refill Cartridge

  1. Diana_43149

    Love this pen!! Not going to lie but I think my palate is a little burned out so I have a hard time tasting the flavors…. but this vape pen seriously packs a punch! Makes you cough when you take a big inhale but you instantly feel such a strong Buzz! I find it absolutely amazing! When you want just a light Buzz you just take a little Puff and it works perfect. I have 3 pens all charged and ready to go as the battery does not last very long when you’re taking long Halls on it, so I would suggest to buy a spare pen so you always have one charged while you’re charging together one. The tanks last me a little over a week and I use it multiple times a day every single day! I call that a serious win! You will not be disappointed with this vape pen, you will absolutely feel it if you are a heavy daily smoker, newbies…. be very careful on your first inhale as it is going to hit you like a ton of bricks. Please do not think that you can handle it LOL just take it easy at first!

  2. Jperry35

    Love these! Very discreet and they taste great.

  3. Punner84

    Best vape cart I’ve had so far. Doesn’t clog up right to the last drop. Sour diesel green crack god are the best imo

  4. TreeBeard98

    I absolutely adore this product! The flavors are amazing!

  5. markymark69

    Blueberry is the absolute bomb!!! Most popular with the ladies.

  6. Rixzzy78

    have had for a few months now, best shit out there. saves me money on flower and woods. lasts me about two weeks and im a heavy smoker. some good shit

  7. Merbear87

    I got the mango, and it doesnt taste that great. Also in comparison to other distillates i found this one gave very little effect and gave me a slight headache for trying to vape more for said effect. Overall i give this a 3 star because flavor isnt all that bad, it is psychoactive even if its slightly psychoactive, and came with a nice amount inside that lasts a long time.

  8. Rixzzy78

    if youre looking for a great tasting vape that gets the job done. stop looking and buy this. its the best. grab the smart pen aswell and you wont be dissapointed !!!

  9. Greenmama05

    I love the flyte cart refills. Grapefruit haze is my favorite for a sativa a d God green crack for Indica. An affordable on the go option!

  10. FalconPilot61

    My favourite vape, but can be a little harsh on the throat. Good, long lasting high.

  11. Mpage41269

    Love these cartridges! they all pack a punch and last a long time.
    Tangerine, and grapefruit are among my favorites they’re tasty and the high is beautiful. Highly recommend!

  12. Euphorik00028

    Loooove that product! It was my first time trying extract like this and absolutely loved it. Flavors are amazing, I got the Sour Diesel first and just received the Tangerine one and they’re sooo delicious 😀

    The only reason why I don’t give out 5 stars is because when you use about 75-80% of the cartridge, it made me cough every time I smoked. Maybe not all cartridge do the same thing (it’s the first time I use this kind of product) but it got very dark by the end.

    But overall, I love it! it really last until the very last drops and the highs are amazing – and really fast !

  13. Amack12371

    Love it

  14. Nessmeister45

    I love these refills! So many different options! (Wish they were bigger tho) A few puffs and I feel better. I recommend having one extra pen, for when your first one dies. The Westculture pens are awesome…I like them better than the Flyte pen!

  15. Kevin91263

    One word! AWESOME!
    Lots of bang for the buck!

  16. jillyanh36

    Such an amazing pen! Tried multiple kinds and absolutely love each one so far! A few of my favourites are sour diesel and blueberry! Definitely would recommend purchasing!!

  17. Eric Milito

    Can’t go wrong. Great taste, Easy strong pulls. Can’t wait to try all of the flavours.

  18. centurion4040

    I found this little cartridge packs a punch!!! These are not for the tame of heart! The Blueberry is a good Indica, which forces you to Zone out and be one with the couch. Let your mind soar into he unknown. I’d recommend these anyday!

  19. Saki24

    One of the better and more flavourful cartridges I’ve had, would recommend

  20. Saki24

    Tasted better and hit better than V.I.C.E

  21. Euphorik00028

    We ordered the GCG and boy this strain tastes goood. Great herbal/grass taste that delivers a nice sativa-dominant hybrid high. Recommend it!

  22. Donald Carey

    Excellent products. Love the taste, effects. Travel anywhere high:)

  23. MichaelH73

    Great Sativa Cart!

  24. Nicola2482

    Love all the diff flavours but prefer the other 1 gram options

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