Gronlabb Solvent Free Flower Rosin (1g)


Gronlabb Solvent Free Flower Rosin (1g)

Gronlabb’s solvent free rosin is created by directly pressing their carefully selected plant material into a high end concentrate. A flavourful rosin for everyone to enjoy.



Additional Information

Brand: Gronlabb

Weight: 1 gram

About Gronlabb

Gronlabb’s vision was born out of enjoyment for the natural elements of cannabis. Because of that love, theytre dedicated to creating premium solvent-free extracts with medical grade standards.

They don’t just make high grade rosin, theythey it creatively in their product line. Their devotion to innovation means that you get new and cutting-edge products like Stratös Spheres.

They’re influenced by the natural elements of cannabis, fuelled by creative thinking, and driven to make the highest quality product for you to enjoy.

In the spirit of making such natural and innovative products, they’re also committed to utilizing an environmentally friendly process and ecological materials.


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