Lemon Tart


Lemon Tart

Remember when grandma used to sneak you dessert at night, right after your parents said no more sugar? That’s Lemon Tart. Enticingly sweet with a bright hint of lemon, this strain is potent and sure to give you a real rush of energy.

Effects: Happy, Uplifted, Euphoric, Energized, Giggly,

Good For: Mood Elevation, Stress Relief, Energy Boost



Flower Profile

Strain: Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Usage: Day or Night

Flavors: Sweet, Vanilla, Lemon, Earthy

Aromas: Lemon, Sweet, Pine, Citrus

Lineage: Wedding Cake, Super Lemon Haze

Additional Information

This new strain is a cross between the potent, award winning Super Lemon Haze and the ever-sweet Wedding Cake. With heavy sativa influences from both strains, Lemon Tart has been bred to capture the energy and sugary aromas that will remind you of being like a kid in a candy shop. This strain is definitely ideal for feeling social and putting a bit of pep in your step. Its high starts off gradual, but once its in full swing, expect to feel like a kid on a real big sugar high.


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