Milk Chocolate Bars


Milk Chocolate Bars

Nothing beats the mouth-watering combination of chocolate and cannabis. Ranging in both potency and flavour, these chocolate bars allow for flexible methods of medicating. Each order includes one bar.

THC Content: 125mg THC or 300mg THC

Dosage: 125mg THC or 300mg THC (per bar)

Cannabis Flavor: Strong

Easy for sharing: No – dosage is per bar, not per piece of chocolate.

Recommended for: Experienced Users



Additional Information

Brand: Mota

Net Weight: 80 Grams

Ingredients: Milk Chocolate, Cannabis, Soy Lecithin, Flavour
*May Contain Nuts

Strain Type: Hybrid

About Mota

Mota Cannabis Products are created on Vancouver Island. They provide edible versions of all your favorite treats. Their products are designed for intermediate and experienced edible users, as the dosage offered, unless otherwise stated, is per bag, not unit. Medicate responsibly!


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