Rosebud (Products By SeC)


Rosebud (Products By SeC)

Let your high go into full bloom with this Rosebud! Beautiful to look at with a tantalizing smell, but be careful, this 800mg THC edible is only for those that know how to handle them.

THC Content: 800mg THC

Dosage: 800mg THC per gummy

Cannabis Flavor: Moderate

Easy for sharing: No (single gummy)

Recommended for: Experienced

Summer Weather Warning: While we include cooling shields on request for any edible orders, we highly recommend shipping any Products by SeC directly to the post office using Canada Post FlexDelivery. We will only refund or replace spoiled edibles that have been shipped direct to post office.

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Rosebud (Products By SeC)

1 review for Rosebud (Products By SeC)

  1. MrPikachuHat

    Tastes like peach gummy bears at first, but the after taste, I can only describe it as BAD. Even an hour later the awful after taste finds its way into your nose, so gross.
    If that was all then it’d be fine, I can handle some nasty flavours. I barely even felt high though. There was a single minute where I felt a little nausea but other than that, I was a regular not high average joe.
    For the price, you’re better off just smoking 5-6g.

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