THC Cara-Melts


THC Cara-Melts

Caramel and Cannabis is a pairing that is meant to be! Together, they provide a consistent and reliable delivery system for ingested cannabis.

THC Content: 70mg THC

Dosage: 10mg THC (7 individually wrapped caramels per bag)

Cannabis Flavor: Low

Easy for sharing: Yes

Recommended for: Beginners* to Intermediate Users
*Beginners are advised to split one caramel in half for a 5mg dosage

Concerned the heat may spoil the quality of your edibles? Don’t be! Just ask us to include cooling shields in your packaging. Complimentary upon special instructions request on checkout.



Additional Information

Brand: Twisted Extracts

Net Weight: 19.6 grams

Ingredients: Activated Cannabis extract, corn syrup, sugar, milk, fructose, hydrogenated coconut oil, butter, mono and diglycerides, salt, soy lecithin, vanillin-artificial flavour.

Strain Type: Available in both Hybrid & Indica.

About Twisted Extracts

Twisted Extracts produces some of the most consistently dosed cannabis-infused gummies and caramels. Every candy is evenly dosed and crafted with the highest quality standards. When creating products they have one main goal in mind: providing safe and stable edibles to everyone from medical cannabis patients to recreational users.


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