THConcentrates THC Distillate (940mg THC)


THConcentrates THC Distillate (940mg THC)

As potent and pure as they come, our friends at THConcentrates specialize in small batch, lab tested golden THC distillate. Only experienced foggers need apply – all impurities and undesirables have been purged resulting in a thick, premium oil. This tasteless and odourless extract is ideal for creating edibles as you can properly dose and maintain the natural flavour of your food ingredients. Engage the benefits of extracted THC in a versatile form by using to create edibles or vapourizing



THConcentrates THC Distillate (940mg THC)

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Unflavoured, Blue Dream, Strawberry, Blueberry, Super Lemon Haze

2 reviews for THConcentrates THC Distillate (940mg THC)

  1. MichaelH73

    Very good, I thought the syringe was a little difficult to use as pushing the plunger cause the flow to be a little fast. Used a vaporizer and thought the effect was smooth and had pretty good flavour. Would buy again.

  2. MichaelH73

    Blueberry has an amazing flavour only problem is that the tip gets really runny after using it but I will definitely be buying more.

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