V.I.C.E. C02 Oil Syringe (1.0ml vape refill)


V.I.C.E. C02 Oil Syringe (1.0ml vape refill)

Pure refined CO2 extracted cannabis oil from V.I.C.E, in a small glass syringe for easy use. These VICE C02 oil syringes have an impressive average of 82% THC content, and each strain is crafted from organically grown, medical grade B.C. cannabis buds.

The oil in this syringe is designed to be used to refill VICE cartridges or with dab rigs.



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This item: V.I.C.E. C02 Oil Syringe (1.0ml vape refill)
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Additional Information

Oil Volume: 1.0ml

Format: Syringe

Additional Information on Usage and Compatibility: Best if used to refill VICE cartridges/pens or standard refillable cartridges, this product can also be vaporized in any other concentrate pen or rig. Re-filling single use, branded cartridges is not recommended as these may not be designed for the V.I.C.E.’s oil viscosity.

About V.I.C.E

V.I.C.E.(Vancouver Island Cannabis Extracts) cannabis oil is crafted in the heart of Vancouver Island using one of Canada’s only dedicated solvent free supercritical CO2 cannabis extractors. They start with refined, whole plant, full-spectrum cannabinoid oil made from organically grown medical grade B.C. cannabis buds, then blend in pure organic terpene extracts that are specially formulated to enhance the natural terpene profiles of their strains. This combination of state-of-the-art processing and premium ingredients results in a delicious and smooth vaping experience that you’ll have to taste to believe.


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