wHAT ARE Westculture REWARDS?

WESTCULTURE REWARDS is a system we have developed to show our appreciation for your ongoing support. As a small thank you, we have created several ways for you to earn rewards which can then be used to save on your future orders.

Every 40 WESTCULTURE REWARDS is equivalent to $1. Your rewards can be used as credit on our store with no restrictions. This means they can be used on sale items and also in combination with any coupon codes.


5 ways to earn westculture rewards

  1. SPEND – For every dollar spent on our store(based on the subtotal of your order), you will receive 1 WESTCULTURE REWARD.
  2. REFER – Tell a friend about us. If they sign up and place an order with us, you will receive 400 WESTCULTURE REWARDS($10). Just leave us a message with your friends username on our live chat, or email us at info@westculture.ca, and as soon as their first order is processed, we will add your rewards to your accounts. There is no limit to how many times you can earn rewards for referring friends.
  3. WEEDMAPS & LEAFLY REVIEWS – Find and review us on Weedmaps and Leafly. Leave us a review on Weedmaps and/or Leafly we will add 200 WESTCULTURE REWARDS($5) to your account. If you leave us reviews on both, you can earn $10 in rewards. Just let us know after you have written your review by either messaging us on our live chat, or sending an email to info@westculture.ca. This can only be done once on Weedmaps, and once on Leafly.
  4. FOLLOW AND SHARE US ON INSTAGRAM – Follow @westculturecanada on Instagram, and post featuring and tagging us, and we will add 200 WESTCULTURE REWARDS($5) to your account. This can only be done once.
  5. REVIEW OUR PRODUCTS – Give us feedback on products you have used. For every product you review, we will add 20 WESTCULTURE REWARDS to your account. Please note you can only review each product once, and only review products you have purchased from our store.


how to CHECK AND redeem westculture rewards

The amount of WESTCULTURE REWARDS you you currently have can be seen whenever you are at either the “View Cart” or “Checkout” page. If you currently have any WESTCULTURE REWARDS all you have to do is click “Apply Discount”. From there, a box will appear where you can decide how many of your WESTCULTURE REWARDS you would like to redeem. Once you enter that in and click “APPLY DISCOUNT”, you are good to go!

Have any questions? Just pop us a quick message on our live chat, or email us at info@westculture.ca. We are here to help!